mediaBased in New Mexico, I’m an independent reporter and radio producer. My work has appeared in Al Jazeera America, Ms. Magazine, Indian Country Today, National Geographic OnlineHigh Country News, The Nature Conservancy Magazine, The Progressive, Columbia Journalism Review, The Mountain Gazette, Audubon, and Orion.

Currently, I’m writing a book that’s based on a year-long project I reported, “At the Precipice: New Mexico’s Changing Climate,” for New Mexico In Depth. In the past, I’ve worked as assistant editor of High Country News and managing editor of Tribal College Journal.

Since becoming a journalist in 2002, I’ve focused on natural resource and social justice issues in the southwestern United States. My goal is to take complex topics—including climate change, energy development, and water rights—and write narrative-driven stories that will inspire wise decision-making. Also? I obsess over things like the Rio Grande, endangered species, and the connections people have with landscapes.

Before becoming a muckraker, I worked as an archaeologist and tribal consultant throughout New Mexico, Arizona, and southwestern Colorado. For six years, my job involved working outdoors in beautiful places I never would have otherwise visited. To say that those years in the field influenced how I think about everything from landscapes and culture to quality of life and whiskey would be an understatement.

You may reach me at or follow me on Twitter at @LauraPaskus.