NM’s best books on the environment

February 1st, 2012 | 1 Comment

I started off 2012 by reading five great books about New Mexico’s environment–and then getting to interview and wander about with some of those authors and photographers. It was a great way to start off the year, and I hope you’ll read that essay online at the Santa Fe Reporter.

Now my question to you is: What are your favorite books about New Mexico’s landscapes and environmental issues? Drop a note in the comments section and let me know. (Include your favorite field guides, too, please.)

I have a ton of favorites, and I’d love to add mine to yours and create a comprehensive online list.

And the first person to contribute to the list–and to email your mailing address to laura.paskus@gmail.com–will receive my extra copy of  VB Price’s book, The Orphaned Land.

By they way, those five books I write about in “No Page Unturned” include:

The Orphaned Land: NM’s Environment Since the Manhattan Project, by VB Price
A Great Aridness, by William deBuys
Reining in the Rio Grande , by Fred Phillips, Mary Black, and G. Emlen Hall
The Rio Grande: An Eagle’s View (Photographs by Adriel Heisey)
Eco-Tracking: On the Trail of Habitat Change, by Dan Shaw

…and here’s a picture of those two mouse-hunting coyotes I mention in the essay:

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  1. Mike Eisenfeld says:

    The Chaco Coal Scandal: The People’s Victory over James Watt by Jeff Radford is a interesting tale concerning coal leases in NW New Mexico during the James Watt era.

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