River news from Utton Center: San Juan, Pecos, and more

One of the projects I’m working on–and love, because it allows me to become fully immersed in complicated, wonky water stories–is through the Utton Center at the University of New Mexico’s School of Law. Every few months, the center publishes “Environmental Flows Bulletin.”

In the most recent issue, I had the chance to write about a number of river-related issues in New Mexico, including:

-Efforts by the San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program to recover endangered fish in the San Juan–and keep water flowing through the river.  “Restoring flows and ecosystems on the San Juan” is online here.

-A project on the Pecos River at Bitter Lakes National Wildlife Refuge through which the US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Bureau of Reclamation have worked to restore a 12-mile stretch of the river. Read “Reconnecting the Pecos River” here.

-A look at what New Mexico’s River Ecosystem Restoration Initiative (RERI) has funded over the past few years. Over the course of four years, RERI supported 48 restoration projects across the state. Now, with no one championing the initiative, the last of its funding will expire in early 2014, when the last of the four-year projects ends.  Read that story here.

There are a few other stories and announcements, as well as an interview with Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry about his plans for a Rio Grande corridor initiative.  “Berry’s Call to the River” is online here.


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